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  • Excellent seller! I feel valued ☆ Thank you 😁💐👍 - Buyer: kfp59

  • We are elderly and have tiled floors. These socks have been a godsend. - Buyer: arema18

  • Superb fast service, these socks give you a sense of security - Buyer: 1928nashspecialsix 

  • Perfect for Pilates - Buyer: macgristock 

  • Fast delivery and great quality - Buyer: marikempp 

  • Really happy with them exactly how described - Buyer: surfspot 

  • Safe feet socks - all good like in hospital - Buyer: 0silverbrumby0 

  • Best non slip socks on the market great price and quality AAA service -Buyer: nuttionbass  

  • Great for m mum she loves them - Buyer: victorimallagha0

  • I only hope I can run as fast in these socks as was the delivery time...! - Buyer: 0scwell

Cotton Quality Guarantee 


       Benefits of SafeStep cotton socks over low-priced non slip polyester socks: 

  • SafeStep socks are very good for sensitive skin or if you suffer from allergies

  • SafeStep socks are more breathable and stop your feet from sweating and overheating (a common occurrence in polyester socks) 

  • SafeStep socks help wick away moisture more quickly

  • SafeStep socks use only OEKO-Tex certified cotton which is free of harmful chemicals and certified safe for human use.

  • SafeStep socks are more environmentally friendly and a sustainable alternative. Polyester socks are made of plastic based fibres, release micro plastics into our waterways when washed and take 200 years to break down once you throw it away.

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